Send a regular push notification campaign

Follow the bellow instructions and  learn how to send a regular push notification campaign step by step: 

You can Also Watch the Tutorial Video at the end of the Article for more details.

Step 1:

Click on "Campaigns" => "New Campaigns"


Step 2:

Choose "Regular Campaign"


“Regular Campaign” enables you to send Web push notifications to your web notification subscribers using basic targeting tools.

Step 3: (required)

Enter your "Campaign Name",  the web push notification article "Title", add a short "Message" that will be communicated to your push notification subscribers and Finally select the "URL" page you want to direct your subscribers to.


Step 4:

Make sure you are reaching out to the right subscribers by selecting the "Target Device" type , your subscribers Geographic location "Geo Target" as well as your targeted "Segment". Segment targeting allows you to reach out to subscribers who visited a particular section of your website or blog.

Creating a Targeted segment will be explained in a separate video


Step 5:

To improve the chances of your subscribers reading your article, enable the poster functionality and upload an image associated to the article.  Make sure you are using a JPG or PNG format. 

Image optimal size 360p x 240p


Step 6: (optional)

Enable surveys to get a feedback or an opinion from your subscribers on a topic. All you must do, is to type in your first option under “option1” and the URL link associated to option1 under URL1. Same goes for “option2” and the URL link associated to option2.


Step 7: (optional)

To track your campaign using google analytics you can enable the UTM Functionality and add a Medium, Source and Campaign. You can also use an impression tracker to monitor the performance of your campaign through DFP.


Step 8: (optional)

Sometimes receiving a multitude of web push notifications in a row, once your subscriber turns on his device can be bothering, that’s why FoxPush developed a new functionality called "Grouping""Grouping", enables your offline subscribers to only receive the latest web push notification you have sent once they turn on their device. You can group your web push notifications by “Campaign Name”“Website Domain” or “Date”.


Step 9: (optional)

Control the number of subscribers that would receive your web push notification by using FoxPush “sending limits” functionality. Enable Sending limits and determine the number of subscribers you would like to send the notification to.


Step 10:

Finally, you can preview your Web Push Notification before sending it, save it as draft, schedule it to be sent later or send it instantly.


Tutorial Video

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