How to use Web Push Notifications to get the best results!

The ultimate goal for every website owner is to have their website users look forward to receiving web push notifications with the latest news and offers. Upon opening the push notification, the subscriber should have a fresh and entertaining experience with rich media such as videos, surveys, and pictures related to the content of the message. The user should feel motivated and exited to engage with the content you are sending them.

Therefore, we recommend you to follow the bellow advices:


DO NOT bombard your push notification subscribers with Push Notifications!

Unfortunately, there is no golden rule to follow when it comes to deciding how often you should send push notifications. Most marketers agree that profile of the industry you are in, as well as your user behavior, are the keys to finding that sweet spot.

The only way to figure out the right sending frequency is by testing it. Carefully monitoring your campaigns and observing the results will help learn which frequency works the best for your business and audience.


Create Urgency

Urgency matters a lot when it comes to the web push notifications, Why? Because push notifications require an instant response and creating urgency with your offer will force people to take immediate action.


Be Creative

Whenever possible use custom icons or large images to your notifications. Large images are a fantastic way to make your push notification stand out from all the others. Get creative with your designs, humans are visual creatures. Also, consider the clever use of emoji. Nothing as boring as stock icons and images.


Personalization your Notification

Personalization works. When people receive a personalized message with their name mentioned on the push notification, they feel that it’s created just for them. Personalized notifications lead to higher conversion rates. You can personalize your push notification using FoxPush Custom field feature.


Target your Users

 Sending the right content to the right people, not only helps you achieve better conversion rates but also help you maintain a higher subscription rate. FoxPush audience builder feature enables you to identify the interests of your website visitors though advanced AI algorithms and helps you retarget them with the content they want!


Use Emojis

Emojis helps you stand out and add a "human" factor to your push notifications therefore helping you increase your CTR.

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