Create & Send Targeted push notifications using FoxPush Audience Builder

In this section you will learn how to create and send highly targeted Push notifications using FoxPush's audience builder and FoxPush's Audience Campaign.

You can Also Watch the Tutorial Video at the end of the Article for more details.

FoxPush Audience Builder enables you to create advanced audience lists to retarget your website push notification subscribers based on their browsing behavior.

The Power of FoxPush Audience builder resides in the facility and flexibility it offers you to build and customize your audience lists based on your selected criteria’s.

Step 1:

Go to “Audience”  then click on “Audience Builder”


Step 2:

Enter your “Audience list Name” and start adding start adding as many rules as required by clicking on "Add rules"


Step 3:

You can combine the rules by selecting “And”. You can also select among alternative rules by clicking on “or”.


Step 4:

Start adding and combining rules from the dropdown menu to create your Audience Target.


Step 5:

  • The “Country” rule allows you to target subscribes from a specific country or from a group of countries by choosing the value “equal” or “Not equal” and then selecting your corresponding countries.
  • The “City” rule allows you to target subscribers from a particular city or from a group of cities by choosing the corresponding value and cities.
  • The “ISP Domain” rule enables you to target subscribers using a specific Internet service provider such as AT&T or Comcast.

  • The “Internet Speed” rule offers you to target subscribers based on their internet speed.

  • The “Language” rule enables you to target subscribers speaking a specific language or dialect.

  • The “Gender” rule allow you to target subscribes from a specific sex, Male, Female or unspecified.

  • The “Gender” rule allow you to target subscribes base on their age group.

  • The “Subscription URL” rule let you target website visitors who subscribed to your web push notification from a specific page or from a page containing a specific word.

  • The “Device” rule enables you to target your push notification subscribers using a certain device type such as mobile, desktop or tablet.

  • The “mobile brand” rule enables you to chose to targeted mobile brand.

  • The "Browser" rule allows you to target your web push notification subscribers based on the device browser they are using.

  • The "IP address" rule enables you to target specific subscribers based on their IP address. This feature can be useful for companies wanting to send push notifications to their employees rather than sending them emails or SMS.

  • The “Sentiment” rule empower you to target your web push subscribers based on their general attitude “Positive” or “Negative”.

  • The “Subscription Date” let’s you target website visitor who subscribed to your web push notifications on a specific date, between a set of dates, before or even after a specific date.

  • The “Last Active Date” rule allows you to retarget push notification subscribers that haven't been on your website for some time. 

  • The “last page they visited” enable to target your website subscribers on the last page they visited before exiting your website.

  • The “Page Visited” rule allows you to retarget your subscribers based on a particular page or section they visited or an article they read.

  • The “Online Status” offers you to only send the web notification to your subscribers who are online at the moment the push is out.

  • The “Engagement” as it allows you to target your web push subscribers based on their interaction with previously sent notifications. If you would like to retarget individuals who clicked on a previously sent push notification campaign, select “Click” and then choose the associated campaign from the dropdown menu. If on the contrary you would like to retarget subscribers who closed a previously sent web push choose “Close” and associate the corresponding campaign. You can also opt-in to send a push notification to subscribers who viewed a previous push but didn’t take any action.

  • The “Taxonomy” enables you to target your subscribers based on their browsing behavior and their general interests. You can choose from list of over 200 behavioral segments available in the dropdown menu.


Step 6:

Once all your criteria selected, you can check the corresponding “Show Subscribers Count”before creating the segment by clicking on “Submit”.


Step 7:

Go now to “Campaigns” selecting “New Campaigns”


Step 8:

Select “Audience Campaign”


Step 9:

You will be redirected to the “Campaign details” page where you can choose your “audience segment” enter your campaign details and send your targeted web push notification.


Tutorial Video:

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